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We are excited to have you check out our parenting classes and workshops, coaching and other resource pages. For more than fifteen years, Keri has worked with parents and families throughout the country in presenting and implementing specific parenting techniques and relationship-building skills and tools. She uses various methods to help connect parents with children as follows:

For parent education, Keri and her team presents several classes and workshops based on Love and Logic® curricula. Keri has also developed her own enhanced parenting course called “Enriching the Parent-Child Relationship”.  Please click on the link on the left titled “Parenting Classes” for locations and more details.

For parents needing assistance in implementing the skills and tools, Keri and her team provide one-to-one coaching services, either in-person, or by phone. Please click on the link on the left titled “Parent Coaching” for more details.

If you are looking for some helpful references and resources that are useful for parent education and coaching, Keri has compiled a list of some of her favorites. Please click on the link on the left titled “Parenting Resources” for more details.

If you have questions about any product or service we offer for parents, please feel free to call us at (602) 295-9611.