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Group Parent Coaching

Group Parent Coaching is a collaborative and confidential approach to learning to develop structure, receive and give support and feedback in a group setting as you define and improve who you are (in this case as a parent). Coaching is not the same as therapy or counseling. Our goal is to provide opportunities for discovering solutions to common problems and helping things go right for your family.

Group coaching sessions will run for 4 weeks starting

Wednesday,  April 24th,  2013.

The group conference calls will be every Wednesday from 12-1pm(AZ time).

*Group size is limited and available for parents who have participated in any Love and Logic® presentation whether by Keri Maughan and her team or by another facilitator.

We are offering an introductory price for our prepaid, 4 week package of $60 per household (a 25% savings).

Or if you would like to pay as you attend, the price will begin at $20.00 per session.


4 Session Package

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4