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Educator In-School Training

Keri loves helping teachers enjoy teaching and collaborating with their students and families. For many years, she has worked with schools in multiple cities around the country teaching educators in Pre-K through High School. Her approach is based on recognizing a student’s humanity using empathy and compassion while still holding limits in a loving way. Keri is an independent facilitator of the “9 Essential Skills for the Love and Logic Classroom® ” curriculum and believes it is a powerful program for educators to use for classroom management and to build relationships with students.


Keri customizes the in-school training for each school.  She comes to your school and presents the program through one of our in-school training packages. We offer several levels of training and professional development with 1/2 day, full day or 2 day workshops.  The training may also be coupled with ongoing educator coaching which includes classroom observations and individual help with specific skills and tools being used.  This approach has been one of the most effective programs for long-term success.


If you would like more information regarding Educator In-School Training and the packages available and would like us to provide a quote, please call us at (602) 295-9611.