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Life Coaching Testimonials

“Coaching has not been a big part of my life.  In just a few short hours, you were able to help me navigate through many of my own, well-known issues.  Although I was aware of some of these patterns, I did not know how to assign reality to them or how to combat them.  The basic tools you gave me have made all the difference.  Coaching with you has made the difference between despair and hope in my life.  I thank you again for your help and wisdom.” — K.K.–

“Keri is a wealth of information, practical ideas, guidance through role-play and brainstorming, encouragement, and support.  She is warm, insightful and honest, as well as funny.  I would not hesitate to recommend coaching with Keri as a valuable tool for integrating Love and Logic skills into the parenting repertoire.  She is truly a pleasure to work with.” — K.K.–


Parenting Classes/Coaching Testimonials

“When class was over last night, I thought surely it hadn’t already been 3 hours.  I was just eating up every word and feeling peace and HOPE that this would help my little family thrive.  I came home from the class feeling powerful.  Today I woke up with a determination to use what I have learned.  My 3 year old was in ‘uh oh’ time maybe 10 times before 10 am. but the whole rest of the day, only once!  My 4 year old and my 1 year old, only 1 time all day.  I never yelled, not one time!  I was so proud of myself and the children for being able to do it.  I know it has only been one day, but it has been a HUGE success!  Next class can’t come fast enough.  Thank you so much for doing what you do in helping families (even broken ones) find balance and happiness.  I needed you, my children needed you.  We needed those tools.  I’m ready to practice, practice, practice!  I have great kids and I’m learning how to be a great mother to them.  All my gratitude.”   -S.A.-

Thank you so much for the help you gave me. It really helped us through a difficult time. I have been able to use a lot of the tools you taught me. I really appreciate all the time you took – it really did make a difference. One of the things that helped the most was that you were a mom who had been through the same things with your children. You understood where I was coming from and what it felt like. I will try to keep in touch and let you know how we’re doing in the future! -M.R.-

“I love your classes! I can’t even begin to convey in words the difference this has made in our home! These have been the most calm, peaceful two weeks our family has experienced in years. My mom cares for our son when my husband and I are working and I gave her a crash course right after our first class, so we would all be on the same page. About half way through the following day, she called me and said, “Who is this child and what have you done with my grandson?!” She absolutely could not believe how well the skills and tools worked right from the start. The method and content of these classes is wonderfully effective, but what YOU bring to the classes is pure gold! Thank you for being you!” -A.M.-

“When you’re a teenager you spend a lot of time thinking about how you will raise YOUR teenagers someday.  But, everyday you get closer to having teenagers is a day further away from having been one yourself.  You never think you’ll forget what it was like or how it feels.  The teenage class taught by Keri made those distant memories fresh and easy to relate to.  Taking the class made it so much easier to relate and empathize with my kids.  I was able to see life through their eyes and to see them as human beings, not just people in my home that I love and am responsible for.  That combined with all the other tools she teaches has significantly improved my relationship with my teenager and my other kids as well and made discipline less frequent and more

“I can’t tell you how much the class has helped us.  My husband and I were raised on opposite sides of the parenting spectrum (too lenient and too strict) and we’ve had a hard time coming to an agreement about what is right for our kids.  The things Keri has taught make so much sense to both of us that we no longer quibble about our views and spend that energy using the techniques learned on our children.  It’s the first time I’ve felt a partnership with my husband in the parenting realm!  What a feeling!”      — M.L.–

“Keri is one of the most popular “Becoming a Love and Logic Parent” facilitators making presentations all over the country and working with client families to implement her own blend of parenting solutions.  I think she is truly the best expert I know, and her advice has proven to be the most successful of any we have gotten regarding our own family dynamics.”  – K.G–

“I’m sold!  Keri provides the ‘how’ that allows us to put parenting guidelines in place without losing our relationship with our kids.  The tools are so practical and real world!”  – B.B.–

“I heard really creative solutions to classic problems, ideas that were ‘outside the box’, not the typical suggestions we hear all the time.  I really felt empowered as a parent.  In fact, I used some new skills successfully the very next night, and it was so easy!”  – L.B.–

“One of the things I like about Keri’s seminars is how they help parents all across the board, regardless of the age of their kids, giving them truly useful parenting tips.”  – V.R.–

“Since the very first time I met Keri on the phone, I was impressed with her professionalism, ability to be straightforward and direct. Her gift of role-playing reassures me of her experience and expertise with children. Parenting is a difficult job but step-parenting is even harder.  Personally, becoming a step-parent has been one of the most challenging situations I’ve ever faced.  It has been a struggle with my son, but even more it has been a struggle with my wife.  Prior to Keri, my wife and I failed to create a united front in the parenting realm.  However, since beginning the ‘Becoming a Love and Logic Parent’ methodology, especially with the assistance of coaching sessions with Keri, our family has begun to bond into the nucleus it is supposed to be.  My wife and I are now actual partners and the changes in our son has been dramatic, as though night has turned to day.  Not only has his attitude changed for the better, but the environment he is growing up in is providing him with the tools he’ll need to function for the rest of his life.  I just want to thank Keri for her patience, insight and her proactive parenting philosophy.”  – Kraig–

“I was eager to implement the down-to-earth, discerning parenting strategies taught in class with my seven-year-old son.  As with all new and challenging changes, that is easier said than done.  Having the good fortune to connect with Keri Maughan, through telephone coaching, has greatly facilitated the process.  Being able to discuss specific situations in detail with someone who has had many years of experience, both utilizing ‘The Becoming a Love and Logic Parent’ principles with her own family and teaching parenting classes and skills, has been invaluable.  It has been the difference between ‘book knowledge’ and hands-on learning.  In a period of about 4 months, I’ve seen and experienced significant positive changes in my parenting skills, my relationship with my son, and consequently, his behavior and overall state of mind both at home and at school.  Keri is a wealth of information, practical ideas, guidance through role-play, and brainstorming, with encouragement and suppport.  She is warm, insightful and honest, as well as funny.  I recommend coaching with Keri as a valuable tool for integrating the new parenting skills into the parenting repertoire.  She is truly a pleasure to work with.”  – K.K.–

“My daughter, my husband, and I have been getting along famously since June when we began using the techniques Keri taught us.  I don’t think my daughter has rolled her eyes at me once since June;  she gets her chores done on time;  she accepts our few limits willingly, at the moment (possibly because we allow her to make so many choices);  we don’t give her a ‘curfew’, but ask her what time she’ll be home, and she has been super about informing us where she is, who is driving, what she is doing, and so forth.  We try not to miss opportunities to acknowledge those actions by thanking her and telling her that she is always building trust with us when she does that.  She continues to get good grades and glowing reports from her teachers, and though I don’t think she gets nearly enough sleep, I don’t tell her when to go to bed (but that is really hard!), but instead I tell her she is certainly old enough to decide if she is tired or not!  She is on the high school swim team and also takes dance every night and on Saturdays.  Still, I keep Keri’s phone number handy!  Keri has been such a blessing!”  – J.W.–

“What a great workshop on Friday!  More great tools!  It was so nice to see Keri again and to receive motivating instructions, with her wisdom and encouragement.  My friend came to the workshop and she got so much out of it.  She called me to thank me for telling her about it and had already had a wonderful opportunity to try the skills in a strategy with her son, who complained about the meal on Sunday night.  It worked!  A big thanks for the vitality that Keri brings to teaching about such life-changing ‘experiments’ that we get to carry out with the people we love so dearly.  God bless you, Keri!”  – A.L.–

After years of therapy and endless parenting books, we finally are on the right track with our son.  Keri’s suggestions have been the most helpful of anything we’ve tried in actually seeing his behavior change.  We are really enjoying our son again and feeling like effective parents once more!”  – L.G.–

“My husband and I learned so much in one day!  We couldn’t wait to get home and try out some of the simple skills Keri taught us in the one day workshop!”  – B.B.–

“Keri is such a fun and dynamic speaker!  Having listened to dozens of speakers over the years, she is our repeat favorite!”  –J.H.–

“Just a few weeks ago, I attended the “Enriching the Parent/Child Relationship” workshop.  All of the information presented was done so in a professional manner, and in an easy to understand and apply format.  My family and I have benefited from all the sessions.  Life has taken some amazing twists and turns of late, but thanks to you, we feel we have had the resources and courage to deal with ‘the ride’.  Thank you again for your sensitivity, insight, professionalism, patience, and wisdom.” — M.A.–

“I just want to express my thanks for the huge help the Love and Logic parenting methods are having with our family.  I actually feel some hope that things can be different.” — C.P.–

“I have to tell you the latest in your techniques we used.  Our 8 year old son was just giving us fits about doing his room and his chores and he had already used up all of his money.  He just kicked and screamed.  So, we decided to take the other two kids four wheeling.  I went and got a babysitter he didn’t know and told her our plan.  As we were leaving, he asked where we were going and I told him (he loves four wheeling).  I also told him that he would need to pay the babysitter (in front of her).  That face was PRICELESS!  He didn’t know what to say because she was standing there and he knew he had NO money.  We happily went on our way and said, ‘I know you’ll think of something, you’re a smart kid.’  When I got back, he walked out like he had owned up to his bad behavior and was proud of himself.  He had done his chores, cleaned his room and was in good spirits.  The babysitter came out with a huge handful of quarters.  He said, ‘Don’t worry mom, I paid the babysitter.’  I said, ‘How?  You don’t have any money.’  He had taken out all of his quarter collection that he had been working on for three years.  He said, ‘I asked her if it was enough and she said it was.’  I was so proud of him!” — C.S.–

“I just wanted to tell Keri how much I enjoyed her class for parenting teens.  She has really helped me to get closer to my teenagers and helped me to deal with the many issues that arise every day.  It was a real eye opener for me and it is amazing how easy the concepts are and how effective they are.  It has been two years since I took my first class with Keri and still, to this day, I think of the many concepts I learned and figure out ways to apply them.  I know that I will use this new information  on teens for many years to come.  She is doing an amazing job by helping parents.  I am very grateful to her.” — L.P.–

“We really enjoyed your class and love having an alternative way to parent.  I’ve still got a lonnnggg way to go, but at least I know what direction to head.  I don’t feel guilty when they decide to throw a fit or if I have to let them be a little uncomfortable.  I just show them empathy and they seem to get over their tantrums quicker than the times we argue!  It’s great.” — L.R.–

“My three year old son quite often likes to show me how big he is by unbuckling himself at the wrong time – like driving down the road.  Did I also mention that he is incredibly headstrong?  Last week he continued to get unbuckled, so I asked that him to choose – be safe and buckled or I would stop the car so he could wiggle.  After counting to ten in my head, I stopped into a neighborhood off of a busy street.  He was mad!  So, he laid down kicking and screaming, and I just watched him and told him, ‘when you’re ready to be safe, we can go home.’  Next thing I know, a car pulled up behind me and another mom got out and asked if my child was okay.  She thought he was having a seizure!  I said, ‘No, I’m building a relationship with my son.’  As embarrassing as this was, my son has now gone one week staying buckled until the car is turned off, just like everyone else!” — L.M.–

“The basic tools of ‘empathy’, and not taking on our children’s problems, have been a God-send and I just want to personally thank you for all of the time you have spent with my husband and I.  I am so eternally grateful to you.” — S.P.–

“THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  You have revolutionized my view of parenting.  Now the hard part is watching friends and family and strangers make silly parenting mistakes and not being judgmental.  You are a great lady and I really admire you.” — J.D.–

“I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed class last night!  I am always learning something new and useful with Love and Logic, but last night seemed to really hit me on so many levels!  I will probably be a ‘career’ class taker, but it’s all for the good, right?  I love implementing these great principles in my home and watching my little ones take hold.  I have so much work to do, personally and otherwise, but with all of your help I know it’s possible!  Anyway, last night was the first night that I had NO IDEA what time it was and did not want class to end.  So many of the stories really touched my heart and I appreciate all of you for bringing it to me.  I can’t deny the power that Love and Logic is bringing to my life.  Thank you for all that you do and for the wonderful way in which you present this great message.” — A.S.–

“Thank you so much!  We had a great time and learned so much.  We have already implemented a lot of the techniques and it is working great.  Have a great day!” — Kirstie T., AZ

“I saw Keri speak at my MOPS group and came home telling my husband how much I wanted to take this class.  He has an extremely busy schedule and didn’t see the need.  A fellow coworker overheard a conversation my husband was having with me over one of our kids and his coworker told him about how great these parenting classes were.  My husband was convinced that this was something we should BOTH do.  I am very excited about this!” — Kim F., AZ

“A funny little story – soon after I had started the parenting class, my then 6 year old son was trying to debate and argue outside of a bookstore.  We used to go at this for half an hour but I just kept saying “bummer” and other one-liners…..he got so frustrated and finally screamed out ‘I don’t love when you go to that CLASS!’  He is a smart cookie, but I tell you what, Love and Logic has changed my parenting and my mental status.  Baby number 4 is due in a few short weeks and I would love a refresher course.” — Sarah V., AZ

“I really enjoyed your class and have found it to be very informative.” — Tricia H., AZ


Marriage Classes/Coaching Testimonials

“I just wanted to say thank you for the last three weeks.  It has been an eye opener for sure.  I totally went in to the class thinking I was gonna fix my husband and left having had a complete change, myself.  Not everything was easy to hear, but boy did I need to hear it.  Thanks for your humor and patience.  You are so kind to me and always have been and I appreciate it so much.” — K.L.–

“I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the help you gave us (me in particular), during a difficult time.  The past few years have been a tremendous time of growth for my husband and me in our marriage and in our family.  Things are much better now and it is in part because of the things I learned from you and was able to apply to my individual life.  You are a lady with great wisdom and I appreciate that you were able to share some of those things with me.” — M.H.–

“Thank you so much for coming tonight – we have been looking forward to it and were excited to have our oldest daughter and her husband there with us.  We have been having some great conversation since we left the seminar.  I appreciate the effort you make to help improve others’ lives and you make it so fun.  Also want to say thank you for the neat spirit you brought into the meeting.  I felt it there as you were teaching about the importance of agency and choosing to love and other times as well.  You are a bright spot in our lives and always will be.” — H.R.–


Educator Workshops/Coaching Testimonials

“In my classroom of 20 1st and 2nd graders, my teaching partner and I have been building our Love and Logic repertoire for several years. I wanted to share with you an unexpected but enlightening consequence WE received after implementing the delayed consequence.  During the second week of school, two of our new first-grade boys found themselves in the room at 10 o’clock instead of playing outside, because they had been running around the room and now had to make it up to us.   I had prepared a few jobs – straightening books and organizing the messy block area.  We felt that the time they spent doing the work would help them to internalize the idea or responsibility for their own behavior and also build trust, because we followed up on “having to do something about that.”  Well, the next day, my partner teacher overhead one of the two boys whispering to the other, “Let’s run around the room!” and then, as he listened in further, “When we run around the room , we get to do JOBS!”  My partner let them know that they don’t have to run around the room to do a job.   So they haven’t tried that strategy again.  But I think it’s beautiful how delivering this consequence, instead of pitting our newest students against us, actually endeared us to them instead!  Consequences can be a part of building relationships! Katie/PA

“In the last two years, I have felt a palpable shift in our school.  I truly believe our students are that much happier, that they feel much more loved, and cared for and that much more prepared to care for others.    This is a direct result of the work our staff has done with you and your continued commitment to our students, staff and parents.  Thank you so much for the indispensable support you have provided. ” — Chelsea/KIPP, PA

“I want to thank you again for everything you’ve taught me. I look forward to teaching every day. I love the peace and fun that come from my classroom. I’ve developed amazing relationships with my kids through clear boundaries and empathy….it’s amazing what happens when you start thinking of your students as a human being just as yourself (it’s amazing I ever thought of it differently). My migraines and sore throats are completely gone as I haven’t yelled in who knows how long. I could never thank you enough for changing me from the controlling, Nazi teacher with trouble managing behavior to the empathetic one with a joyful classroom that runs itself.” — Julius/KIPP, PA

“Keri, your work with us was powerful and the heart that we needed at a critical stage of our school’s development.  We are so proud of where we are now as a school – Love and Logic is the school’s “culture” and it’s the first thing I share when visitors want to brainstorm in my office.  If you’d like you can send me your business cards or pr kits for your consulting business and I’d be happy to pass them on to school leaders who are wanting to know about your business.” — Tom/KIPP, NY

“We had a great all day experience having you come and introduce our charter school teachers to Love and Logic.  Your presentations were fun and informative, with many of us wanting to immediately put the concepts to work!  And we did!  We noticed an almost immediate change in behavior of our students….and we have great kids!  Our academy, now with 450 students, has been using your introductory Love and Logic principles for many years – now when the kids hear a teacher say, “What a bummer!” they know they are in for Love and Logic.  It certainly has helped many a student, AND TEACHER, AND PARENT, change how they handle unique situations in their lives…to know they can solver their own problems and issues.  We now have our own trained instructor for the school, and we offer classes to our parents – about 15-20 come every month.  We can only offer you “thanks” for introducing us to Love and Logic.  I would highly recommend, without reservation, ANY school (private, charter or traditional), to adopt and use the simple, inexpensive and COMMON SENSE Love and Logic program.  Thanks for all you do!” — Steve/AZ

“I attended the KIPP Summit in Las Vegas this year and wanted to send a formal ‘thank you’ for such an inspiring Love and Logic workshop!  As a charter school kindergarten teacher, I am always looking for new ways to approach behaviors in my class.  As you role modeled ineffective teaching practices with challenging-behaved students, I chuckled to myself thinking, ‘Oh, that is soooooo me!’  My sister also attended the event and the two of us gave quick glances at each other thinking – ‘Guilty!’.  I’m looking forward to trying and applying the techniques this year with my class.  I’ve purchased the schoolwide and discipline book you recommended to me.  Thanks again for a great takeaway.  You were the reason the KIPP conference was as great as it was.  Wish me luck…..” — Jesse/NY

“I wanted to thank you for sharing your Love and Logic principles. You are an amazing woman with lots of expertise with children. What a blessing it is to be around people who have a passion and gift for teaching others. I was truly inspired and hope to be more effective as a teacher this year. It is people like you who change the world. Thank you! -Kristen/AZ