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Perhaps a little information about Keri would help create a better feel for how her classes, products or coaching could help you……

Keri Maughan has been married for over 37 years and is the mother of four adult daughters (with wonderful sons-in-law) and thirteen grandchildren.  She brings a lifetime of experience and a keen understanding of relationships to each of her coaching, speaking or teaching engagements.  She is a parenting, family, marriage, life, teacher and business coach specializing in relationships at all levels.

Keri has received the following training or certifications:

  • Completed “The Choice in Coaching:  Arbinger Mastery Training for Coaches” and is authorized to use Arbinger methods and materials in one-to-one coaching and is a Member of the Arbinger Helping Professionals Network – The AHPN is a group of therapists, counselors, coaches, and others who are dedicated to being in an out-of-the-box place in their one-to-one helping work.
  • Completed Facilitator Trainings at the Love and Logic Institute, Inc. for several programs that use successful techniques guiding parents and educators to reduce conflict and strengthen relationships and have fun.
  • Trained and received certifications in marriage education and relationship coaching, including Imago Connects with Harville Hendrix, The Five Love Languages by Chapman, Steven Stosny’s “Compassion Power” program, and others.
  • Membership in the International Coaching Federation (ICF); Attended School of Coaching.

Seminars, Classes and Workshops include:

  • “Becoming a Love and Logic Parent®” and “Love and Logic Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun!”tm programs designed by the Love and Logic Institute, Inc.  – nationally recognized parent training courses based on principles of empathy and consequences.
  • “Enriching the Parent/Child Relationship” class designed by Keri to enhance the relationship with your children by seeing them “outside the box”, helping them improve self esteem, loving them in their “love language” (Chapman), and changing hearts through empathy.
  • “The 9 Essential Skills to a Love and Logic Classroom”tm program helps educators learn classroom management skills, home-school connection solutions; how to end student arguing and set limits without lectures; and skills to prevent problems and save time for teaching.
  • “Becoming a Love and Logic Parent”®  – Teens emphasis using Love and Logic principles to connect with your older children.
  • “Enriching Marriage through Commitment, Connection and Communication” designed by Keri to help couples commit more deeply to their relationship and communicate more effectively.
  • “How to Talk to Your Kids about Sex” workshop designed by Keri to help inoculate your children against peer pressure and provide tools to open the dialogue around those issues.
  • “Building Positive Relationships in Business and in Life” designed by Keri to help individuals and teams build relationships that work synergistically and are results oriented.

Keri has had the opportunity to teach and coach individuals, parents and couples, as well as business executives, and school teachers/administrators all over the United States, including New York City, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Washington DC, Atlanta, Orlando, Houston, San Antonio, Denver, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas and Phoenix.

Parent and Family, Life, Marriage, Educator and Business Coaching:

  • Intensive and immediate support for families wanting to make changes and get results.
  • On-going assistance for parents to create long-term changes in parenting styles.
  • Help parents clarify relationship goals and create action plans to achieve them.
  • Specializes in supporting parents with “boomerang kids” (kids failing to leave home or adult children returning home to live) to achieve independence and self-reliance.
  • Specialized coaching for parents of children in rehab or with addiction issues.
  • Teach parents how to use the “Art of the Heart to Heart” method to share values and create closer relationships with children of all ages.
  • Coach individuals in meeting goals and achieving results around personal and work lives.
  • Coaching/mentoring for couples who want to improve their marital relationship, develop communication and conflict resolution skills and deepen their connection to one another.
  • Provide insight and coaching for couples contemplating marriage.
  • Work with educators to develop classroom management techniques and to implement skills to build relationships with students.