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Family Coaching

One of the things that we are faced with so much now is blended families.  With a divorce rate of 50%, we see more and more families that are struggling through the transition of divorce, or remarriage.

Coaching for blended families is unique in that we are working with the history of two separate families and bringing them together.  It is invigorating and inspiring to see two unique, different families build one collaborative, unified group.

We have coaches that are experienced in blended families, helping in the process of having each individual have their say and to feel heard, while building together a unit that works cohesively and productively, with more love and affection within the blended unit.  We can help develop a life and family plan, with good communication and dialogue in a respectful and responsible setting – anything to support a unifying effort is worthwhile!

Working with your complete family dynamic, we build on the skills you already have. We realize that you know your children better than anyone. Family coaching will give you the tools you need to become a more calm, cool and collected parent. Let us guide you towards a more balanced and happy family. We will cover topics such as communicating with your children, defining and holding boundaries and styles of ‘discipline’. With our support, you will become the parent you want to be.

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