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Marriage Classes/Coaching Testimonials

“I just wanted to say thank you for the last three weeks.  It has been an eye opener for sure.  I totally went in to the class thinking I was gonna fix my husband and left having had a complete change, myself.  Not everything was easy to hear, but boy did I need to hear it.  Thanks for your humor and patience.  You are so kind to me and always have been and I appreciate it so much.” — K.L.–

“I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the help you gave us (me in particular), during a difficult time.  The past few years have been a tremendous time of growth for my husband and me in our marriage and in our family.  Things are much better now and it is in part because of the things I learned from you and was able to apply to my individual life.  You are a lady with great wisdom and I appreciate that you were able to share some of those things with me.” — M.H.–

“Thank you so much for coming tonight – we have been looking forward to it and were excited to have our oldest daughter and her husband there with us.  We have been having some great conversation since we left the seminar.  I appreciate the effort you make to help improve others’ lives and you make it so fun.  Also want to say thank you for the neat spirit you brought into the meeting.  I felt it there as you were teaching about the importance of agency and choosing to love and other times as well.  You are a bright spot in our lives and always will be.” — H.R.–

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