How to Talk to Your Kids about Sex, Drugs and the Internet

[singlepic id=22 w=250 h=167 mode=web10 float=right]FALL 2011

One night seminar from 7 – 9 pm
Taught at San Tan Learning Center – Higley and Santan 202.
The fee is $25 per individual which includes class materials.

Here are some covered topics:

  • Learn how to communicate about difficult and important subjects like sex (including oral sex), pornography, drugs, and the internet (Facebook) using “The Art of the Heart 2 Heart” technique.
  • What parents can look for and expect in today’s sexualized culture being faced by our children and how to share information and opinions with “The Art of the Overhead Conversation.”
  • We’ll role-play ways to communicate more effectively and learn tools to help with peer pressure and modeling values.


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