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Educator Workshops/Coaching Testimonials

“In my classroom of 20 1st and 2nd graders, my teaching partner and I have been building our Love and Logic repertoire for several years. I wanted to share with you an unexpected but enlightening consequence WE received after implementing the delayed consequence.  During the second week of school, two of our new first-grade boys found themselves in the room at 10 o’clock instead of playing outside, because they had been running around the room and now had to make it up to us.   I had prepared a few jobs – straightening books and organizing the messy block area.  We felt that the time they spent doing the work would help them to internalize the idea or responsibility for their own behavior and also build trust, because we followed up on “having to do something about that.”  Well, the next day, my partner teacher overhead one of the two boys whispering to the other, “Let’s run around the room!” and then, as he listened in further, “When we run around the room , we get to do JOBS!”  My partner let them know that they don’t have to run around the room to do a job.   So they haven’t tried that strategy again.  But I think it’s beautiful how delivering this consequence, instead of pitting our newest students against us, actually endeared us to them instead!  Consequences can be a part of building relationships! Katie/PA

“In the last two years, I have felt a palpable shift in our school.  I truly believe our students are that much happier, that they feel much more loved, and cared for and that much more prepared to care for others.    This is a direct result of the work our staff has done with you and your continued commitment to our students, staff and parents.  Thank you so much for the indispensable support you have provided. ” — Chelsea/KIPP, PA

“I want to thank you again for everything you’ve taught me. I look forward to teaching every day. I love the peace and fun that come from my classroom. I’ve developed amazing relationships with my kids through clear boundaries and empathy….it’s amazing what happens when you start thinking of your students as a human being just as yourself (it’s amazing I ever thought of it differently). My migraines and sore throats are completely gone as I haven’t yelled in who knows how long. I could never thank you enough for changing me from the controlling, Nazi teacher with trouble managing behavior to the empathetic one with a joyful classroom that runs itself.” — Julius/KIPP, PA

“Keri, your work with us was powerful and the heart that we needed at a critical stage of our school’s development.  We are so proud of where we are now as a school – Love and Logic is the school’s “culture” and it’s the first thing I share when visitors want to brainstorm in my office.  If you’d like you can send me your business cards or pr kits for your consulting business and I’d be happy to pass them on to school leaders who are wanting to know about your business.” — Tom/KIPP, NY

“We had a great all day experience having you come and introduce our charter school teachers to Love and Logic.  Your presentations were fun and informative, with many of us wanting to immediately put the concepts to work!  And we did!  We noticed an almost immediate change in behavior of our students….and we have great kids!  Our academy, now with 450 students, has been using your introductory Love and Logic principles for many years – now when the kids hear a teacher say, “What a bummer!” they know they are in for Love and Logic.  It certainly has helped many a student, AND TEACHER, AND PARENT, change how they handle unique situations in their lives…to know they can solver their own problems and issues.  We now have our own trained instructor for the school, and we offer classes to our parents – about 15-20 come every month.  We can only offer you “thanks” for introducing us to Love and Logic.  I would highly recommend, without reservation, ANY school (private, charter or traditional), to adopt and use the simple, inexpensive and COMMON SENSE Love and Logic program.  Thanks for all you do!” — Steve/AZ

“I attended the KIPP Summit in Las Vegas this year and wanted to send a formal ‘thank you’ for such an inspiring Love and Logic workshop!  As a charter school kindergarten teacher, I am always looking for new ways to approach behaviors in my class.  As you role modeled ineffective teaching practices with challenging-behaved students, I chuckled to myself thinking, ‘Oh, that is soooooo me!’  My sister also attended the event and the two of us gave quick glances at each other thinking – ‘Guilty!’.  I’m looking forward to trying and applying the techniques this year with my class.  I’ve purchased the schoolwide and discipline book you recommended to me.  Thanks again for a great takeaway.  You were the reason the KIPP conference was as great as it was.  Wish me luck…..” — Jesse/NY

“I wanted to thank you for sharing your Love and Logic principles. You are an amazing woman with lots of expertise with children. What a blessing it is to be around people who have a passion and gift for teaching others. I was truly inspired and hope to be more effective as a teacher this year. It is people like you who change the world. Thank you! -Kristen/AZ