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Life Coaching Testimonials

“Coaching has not been a big part of my life.  In just a few short hours, you were able to help me navigate through many of my own, well-known issues.  Although I was aware of some of these patterns, I did not know how to assign reality to them or how to combat them.  The basic tools you gave me have made all the difference.  Coaching with you has made the difference between despair and hope in my life.  I thank you again for your help and wisdom.” — K.K.–

“Keri is a wealth of information, practical ideas, guidance through role-play and brainstorming, encouragement, and support.  She is warm, insightful and honest, as well as funny.  I would not hesitate to recommend coaching with Keri as a valuable tool for integrating Love and Logic skills into the parenting repertoire.  She is truly a pleasure to work with.” — K.K.–

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