Becoming a Love and Logic Parent® and Enriching the Parent-Child Relationship

[singlepic id=22 w=250 h=167 mode=web10 float=right]MAR 28 – MAY 2, 2013 (this class is designed for parents with children of all ages)

QUEEN CREEK – Taught at a Private Residence at 2104 E. Connemara Drive in Queen Creek (off Ocotillo & Ironwood)

6 week class will be on Thursdays 6:30 – 9:30 pm
The fee is $160 per couple or $110 per individual which includes class materials.

Here are some covered topics:

  • Give your kids skills to resist peer pressure, drugs, and sex
  • Teach responsibility without creating anger & resentment
  • Avoid exhausting power struggles over clothes, chores, and meals and end hassles over grades, homework, friends and sibling rivalry and still build a positive relationship
  • Learn how to improve a child’s self-concept and help them build character; and how to see and love a child outside “the box”.
  • Learn the “Art of the Heart 2 Heart” communication; saying “I love you” in your child’s Love Language; and putting deposits into the relationship account.