Parenting Is Hard!

ipod1 Parenting is hard. Parenting tough kids is harder. Parenting an ENTITLED kid is hardest. The disease: Surrendering to the increasing demands for the newest, latest, and shiniest "tech gadget".  Satisfying the cravings for the instant gratification of being constantly entertained, being fed, and amused.  The unspoken understanding of being rescued from any emotional, social or physical discomfort.  The result of these produces a society which breeds entitlement! Sadly, what makes it much more painful, is the truth, that, we parents and grandparents, members of society...are the greatest contributors to children and young adults who have ENTITLED PERCEPTIONS AND BEHAVIORS! *Kids who want what they want, when they want it, and expect you to give it to them...Now! So what is the remedy?
  1. We need our actions to give power and meaning to our words through using methods that are kind and compassionate, both to our children and ourselves.
Begin with Gratitude!  Living it, modeling it, and providing opportunities to develop it. * Observe and befriend those who live simply and appreciate it. *Serve where it is challenging to do so, allowing self-worth to be ignited in both the giver and the receiver. *Find beauty in nature and BE in it...Without the aid of modern conveniences.  Gratitude for Mother Earth and her generosity can be developed as well as the ease with which life flows without the use of "screens" and other helpful gadgets, has greater value. *Spend quality time together...without any distractions.  Playing, laughing, and connecting. *Make a habit of expressing your appreciation to family members for the contribution of others in your community/world to the happiness, comfort and joy in your life! Enjoy! Keri